Marketing Matters

Let’s get real. Today’s real estate market is more challenging than it has been in recent years. Exceptional marketing can make the difference between selling a property for top dollar, and watching it languish on the market. Our marketing doesn’t just sell homes, it is the real difference in helping our customers sell for more money and in less time. We make it our mission to showcase your property so it stands out from the rest of the market, leaving a lasting impression to help you find the right buyer…fast.

Our results speak for themselves.


High quality visuals are a must for us to present your house in the best possible way. 95% of buyers are on the internet, so a well-shot professional gallery of images is key as it can literally make someone stop scrolling to look at your listing.


Professional Shot VIDEO TOURS

Everybody does photos. Our standard marketing goes a step further by including videos into the mix. Our videos help to set your home or condo apart. These tours are professionally shot and edited and incorporate drone footage to create that emotive “wow” factor. They are specifically designed to put the potential buyer right inside your property so they can experience what it would be like if they were there.



The local MLS is still a very powerful tool, so it is important to get this right. It is critical to take the time to create detailed descriptions, stunning photography and accurate data so your property is presented correctly all over the web as this database sends your property listing to websites like Zillow, and hundreds of others that pop up in searches.

Email marketing that converts

We have a robust database of qualified buyers and other agents that we consistently market our new listings to. We’ve built our business by delivering thoughtful, pointed and informative real estate information to engaged customers. Over the years, we have sent over 889,285 emails with an average open rate of 32% (the industry average email open rate is 22.02%). Using email, we put our customer’s property directly into the inboxes of as many potential buyers as possible.


Direct Mailers

Sending direct mailers can be very expensive but we invest in this because we believe a comprehensive approach to marketing has to include every touchpoint in order for us to help our customers reach as many people, in as many different ways as possible.

Custom Property Pages That Impress

When you hire us, we create a beautiful CUSTOM web page online specifically for your property that includes all the photos, videos, property information, and any additional information that shows a potential buyer why your property is so special. Our local MLS can be limiting so this gives us the opportunity to really make your property shine.

Explore Our Social Media Platforms

About 72.5% of the total population (about 246 million) in the US use social media. Once your home or condo is listed, we make sure everything we’ve created to showcase your property will reach and engage as many prospective buyers as possible on our various channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and our Google Profile. Our YouTube videos have had over 103,837 views and we have reached over 365,000 on Facebook with our posts.


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The Secret Sauce

We live, breathe, and obsess about marketing your property. We do plenty, but it isn’t enough to have a presence online without SPENDING ADVERTISING DOLLARS to ensure what we have created gets noticed.

We constantly analyze clicks and views to ensure we are getting the most out of our marketing efforts and target the most effective means to promote your listing. Whether it is boosting videos and posts online, or supplementing our online efforts with print campaigns, we are committed to get as many eyeballs as possible to help you sell your home.

Like our  Approach?

Whether you are looking to sell now or don’t even have any concrete plans, feel free to get in touch with us to chat about your goals, and see how we can help you.


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